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Not for Children

Today’s blog is about things to do with kids safety and something that is not for kids.

I don’t know if parents, store owners or the makers of today topic know about this issue but it is something that caught me by surprise and I’d like to warn other about it.

I bought this product from a store. It’s a kids product, in fact it’s a set of face stickers, so it’s easy to assume that the product is directed mainly towards children.

Tookii things to do with kids barcode
Plastic barcode strip

Can you see the plastic barcode on it? It is a raised strip of plastic, not just a barcode sticker. It was stuck across the opening flap of the product so I tried to remove it to get to the stickers inside.

Tookii things to do with kids barcode metal strip
The metal strip

Only part of it came off leaving a strip that, may or may not be metal but, looks and feel like metal. I didn’t realise and I was talking to someone and thinking I had pulled the barcode off, I attempted to open the clear plastic flap with my mouth.

Tookii things to do with kids getting cut
Cut tongue

I cut my tongue!

No big deal, I’ll live, but I want to warn parents and store owners who have products with these plastic barcodes on, especially products for kids, that this can happen.

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2 thoughts on “Not for Children

  1. Don’t put anything you parents don’t approve of, or don’t know about, that is smaller than your elbow in your mouth, ear, or nose.

    Worked for my kids. It’s too easy to hurt yourself without trying to.

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