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Orange Triangles

Things to do with kids that help boost their fruit intake is always a good idea. And today I have a very simple (almost duh why write a blog on that simple) tip that you may already know but if you don’t it will be life changing.

… ok maybe running away with myself there, but … this truly changed my life for the better!

So you LOVE oranges but you can’t eat them very often because you have to go outside and risk getting a bit messy and getting juice on your clothes and … it all becomes a bit of a pain so it’s easier to not have one … BUT THAT WAS THEN …

Back in the days of whole peeled oranges and oranges cut into wedges.

Tookii things to do with kids orange triangles
Tookii loves orange triangles


Nanna offered me an orange one time and I said I would love one but I couldn’t be bothered eating it and then she performed magic! She came back with ORANGE TRIANGLES. :O

YEP! There it was! (am I overdramatizing this?) A whole orange cut into little triangles. An orange sliced and then quartered into perfect bite sized pieces.

This changed my life! Now I can eat an orange ANY time – even when I’m studying. I don’t even have to fear getting juice on my study book. (also the perfect size for kids to make ‘look mum no teeth’ smiley faces).

Maybe you already knew this but if you didn’t I like to think I just changed your life, and the lives of your children, and your childrens children. You’re welcome!

Ok maybe I am overdoing it a bit but I hope it helps kids eat more oranges.

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