Tookii things to do with kids pancakes

Pancakes in Port Lincoln

Finding things to do with kids for breakfast in Port Lincoln, South Australia is as easy as finding a little place called the Rogue & Rascal.

Recently we were in Port Lincoln blogging their annual Tunarama festival and we came across a great place for breakfast. I thought I’d try the pancakes and all I can say is WOW!

Tookii things to do with kids pancakes for breakfast
Tookii orders pancakes for breakfast

What is it about pancakes, that you didn’t have to cook yourself, that makes them taste sooo much better? lol No! Really they were awesome!

It’s a great place for breakfast because there are lots of healthy choices, even bottles of fresh fruit juice. I will be back when we return to Port Lincoln – which I hope is soon because it’s a beautiful place.

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6 thoughts on “Pancakes in Port Lincoln

  1. Speaking of pancakes, this past Tuesday was Pancake Day,known also as Pancake Tuesday,Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or in French–Mardi Gras. This occurs before Ash Wednesday(first day of Lent). Folks usually use up all the flour,lard and rich,tasty and fatty stuff before starting the Lenten season. Usual staple food would be pancakes.All in preparation for the eventual Easter season.

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