Tookii things to do with kids immunisations

Immunisations & Injections

Immunisations = things to do with kids or not? What are your thoughts?

I’m not too keen on injections yet but I’m working on it, but today I’m interested in your thoughts on immunisations.

I had an immunisation injection and then went to the shops. I saw someone I knew and I showed her the bandaid on my arm (covering the injection site) and told her why it was there.

Her response surprised me.

She said “I don’t agree with it!”

This was new for me – I just thought it was something that everybody did.

Tookii things to do with kids injections
Tookii getting her immunisation injection for Meningococcal.

I asked Nanna later about it and she explained what an immunisation is and how they work on our immune system. She explained how our bodies react to exposure and how immunising is something that some people will chose to do and some people will not.

She helped me to understand both arguments and I found myself flicking from one side to another as she was talking.

I am very interested on which you choose and why?

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9 thoughts on “Immunisations & Injections

  1. Better safe than sorry as far as staying healthy is concerned. There’s a saying===Health is wealth.If you’re healthy, you save a lot of money from all sorts of medical treatment and tests. All my shots especially since childhood have been up-to-dare. Some folks disagree with getting vaccines or injections or shots as they call it, is because of several theories of getting all sorts of medical conditions(for ex. autism) or even a chemical reaction(ex. allergy) which allegedly appear after getting the vaccines. I say allegedly because it hasn’t been solidly proven yet. More medical research is needed.

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    1. Someone put the tv on the other night and I heard something about people wanting unimmunised kids to not be allowed to do certain things with the kids who are immunised and that parent who immunize should be informed about how many kids are not when deciding on schools and play centres etc. I wondered why? Like does it matter? Aren’t they safe if they’re immunised anyway?

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      1. You cant fix peoples strong thoughts or even prejudices regarding some health issues.Explaining away to them appears to be a lost cause. Best to just let them be and do your own thing unless you get sucked into a useless argument with them. Being vaccinated is already considered as safe indeed.

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    1. Yes food is best to stay health if you can but immunisations are for things that can’t be fix by anything but our own immune system, which is pretty cool really. Our immune system I mean.

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  2. I’m with Josie on this. Better be safe. Especially knowing how harmful some of the illnesses that have vaccines are. I still get booster shots as an adult, not for all, just a couple

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    1. Yes we immunize (obviously as I blogged about it lol) but we are lucky enough not to have had anything unfortunate happen within our family to deter us. I can understand how some are against it but for me I think we need to think about our community (even the world as it gets metaphorically smaller).

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