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Try New Things

Things to do with kids that encourage them to try new stuff is often fun, but they might not think that at first.

No one like feeling dumb and when you try something new you can feel a bit silly to start with. It’s ok to fail, it’s ok to not be very good at it or not like it but at least give it a go. They say you can learn more by failing than you do from winning.

Here is a short video of a song I’m learning on the Ukulele. I barely have the words to the first verse, I didn’t tune my Uke and I kept speeding up because I’m still not sure how the words fit in – but I’m trying something new. And it was fun!

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3 thoughts on “Try New Things

  1. Tookii,there’s a saying “Try and try until you succeed.” The inventor of the light bulb–Thomas Alva Edison also known as the Wizard of Menlo Park had tried 1,000 times before finally producing the perfectly functioning light bulb. Someone told him that he failed 1,000 times in making the light bulb. Edison told him that he didn’t fail. Instead, he learned 1,000 ways on how NOT to produce an imperfect light bulb.
    If you don’t try anything worthwhile in life,you ‘re not living at all. If you do nothing nor try, you ‘re no better than a piece of wood and letting the minutes and hours tick by.

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