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Not Breakfast

Blogging about things to do with kids has to include breakfast as it’s a very important meal for kids, but today I want to talk about breakfast when it’s not breakfast.

Tookii things to do with kids not eating breakfast
Tookii searching the breakfast menu

Sometimes we just don’t feel like eating in the morning. Shocker I know. If you eat breakfast in the morning it becomes normal to get hungry and need something to eat, right? But sometimes we’re just not feeling it and it’s really hard to eat when you don’t feel like it.

Tookii things to do with kids breakfast milo
Tookii settling for a small hot chocolate

Adults miss breakfast a lot and usually only have a coffee so it should be easy to understand if we say we don’t feel like breakfast. Not always – just sometimes.

Do you eat breakfast? What about your kids? What about when you were a kid, has it changed as you grew up and could make your own choices?

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19 thoughts on “Not Breakfast

    1. Can you tell me Judy what do you mean when you say biscuits and gravy? Biscuits to us are the sweet biscuits that you might dunk in your hot chocolate or chocolate biscuits like Tim Tams (choc coated) and gravy for us is a sauce to pour over meat like a steak. I’m thinking it must be different for you because I can’t imagine eating sweet biscuits and gravy.

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      1. ah that’s makes more sense. Here we have savoury scones with like cheese and tomato or vegemite or for sweets with jam and cream. So still not with gravy but at least it’s easier to understand now lol thank you xx

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  1. I usually mix it up for variety ‘s sake so as I don’t get tired of eating the same thing everything. It’s whatever I feel like eating for that morning. It can be anything like PB or PB & J sandwich, oatmeal, eggs and bread but definitely, I have green tea and milk every time.

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    1. PB? is that Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (coz I’ve heard that in movies) it’s not a thing over here but I think by jelly you mean jam (to us). Jelly for us is the wobbly stuff that sets and you eat it with icecream. Jam is like strawberry jam – jam and cream on bread etc. But even if I change the wording to peanut butter and jam sandwich it still isn’t a thing here. We do peanut butter by itself and jam on bread topped with cream as an easy dessert.

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      1. PB is peanut butter. Jelly is just a word.Americans and Canadians actually use JAM for the PB & J.O.J. is for orange juice. If you never tried PB & J, then try it. There’s an American brand called GOOBERS which consists of a jar of PB & J(specifically grape jam),seen from the outside of a jar as a swirly concoction. When you put a spoon /knife into it and get the good stuff out, it’s actually a globby mixture.

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  2. I almost forgot to mention regarding PB (peanut butter). Here in both US & Canada, we also have peanut butter with honey aside from PB & J. In some cases, PB with maple syrup.Imagine the possibilities in tasting such combos on your bread.

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  3. Yes, breakfast is so important; When I started working, I realized that skipping breakfast was affecting my health and habits – I would eat too much for lunch, or start munching on necessary junk food. As I have grown older, I have ensured I take a good meal in the morning.

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