Tookii things to do with kids music theory certificate


Things to do with kids achieving a well earned award is great for their self-esteem and appreciation for effort and reward but I think sometimes there’s a bit too much ‘everybody gets a prize’ attitude when it comes to some things.

Today I’m sharing with you my graduation photo from completing my Theory of Music – Second Grade. I am very proud of my music certificates because they are not a certificate for children but certificates issued to anyone of any age who has completed that level of music, the study and have passed the exam.

I study hard because I like to shoot for a perfect score of 100% (so far so good) and this gives me a High Distinction grading. These exams are supervised and no resources may be used – therefore these certificates are most definitely earned. I like that! (except just before and during an exam lol).

Tookii things to do with kids music third theory certificate
Tookii with her music certificate for Theory of Music – Second Grade

Back to my original point:

Am I happy for everyone to have a go and feel supported trying things?

… Yes! And I would be right beside you helping you in every way that I could.

Would I be happy for someone to be handed one of these certificates without earning it by matching the hours of study that I put into it each week?

Certainly NOT!!

For one; that’s being so ‘fair’ to the point of being unfair and discouraging those doing the work from bothering with the effort. Now that must be wrong. But also; I don’t believe that is doing the child getting ‘given’ the award any useful ability to function in the real world and therefore doing more harm than good to all concerned.

I believe REAL self-esteem only comes from success that you feel you’ve truly earned – no matter how small that success is in the scale of things -it’s still worth more than knowing you did not earn it. I think. What are your thought?

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