Tookii things to do with kids knocking on front door

Go Visiting

Things to do with your kids can include visiting friends. You don’t always need a reason. Sometimes you just miss them and feel like spending time with them.

Tookii things to do with kids visiting
Tookii Visiting

I have people that I visit that like to be surprised and some that really don’t. Some people like me to bring them a surprise and some have surprises for me when I get there (fresh from the oven surprises always go very well with me 😉 fyi)

Do you have people you can visit or who visit you? Perhaps you know someone who doesn’t have family living close by and who would really appreciate a visit.

Tookii Friends


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6 thoughts on “Go Visiting

  1. Friends visiting one another is a great moment anytime. Visiting other people who usually live alone and may want company is a good idea too. You may need to figure out who would be really willing to welcome visitors first of all. Other folks that I can think of for kids to visit would be senior citizens living in old folks’ homes / nursing homes ; the new immigrants in one’s neighborhood who are starting a new life in their new home country, the new neighbors who just moved in and the list goes on… Just remember—kids visiting other new people need to be ESCORTED by a responsible adult first. This rule applies also when trick-or-treating during Halloween.

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  2. Its very nice to promote this to the blogging world, very kind indeed. I’ve got a new short story called Eaten an Eskimo and we would love your feedback. Its a rough draft so everything isn’t 100%, but we are trying to get all the feedback we can . hope to see you there and thank you so much for the follow

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  3. My daughter visited me today and it was a lovely surprise. We decided to work on our craft projects. She is going to paint a picture of an angel for her son. I am working on a fairy house and did a small painting of dandelions that has the words, “I Will Hope In the Lord.”

    My favorite visitors are my daughters and their children.

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