Tookii things to do with kids rock climbing wall

It’s the Climb

Of all the things to do with kids that I have covered so far on this blog this one, although very popular and definitely a great activity for kids, I can surely say is NOT my ‘thing’!

I love climbing and I love exploring rock formations, as mentioned previously, but what I don’t like doing is climbing in the ‘straight up’ direction for any longer than about 4 steps.

As you can see I’m on the … ‘I’m up here OK now don’t make me think as my brain is busy freaking out so just give me ALL the options’ climbing level wall.

Tookii things to do with kids rock climbing
Quick take the shot so I can get down …

And this is exactly how far I got on this more difficult wall. Yes my foot is still on the ground!

Tookii things to do with kids rock climbs
yeah … there was no way I was getting any further on this wall!

But just because rock climbing isn’t for me doesn’t make it any less great as an idea for things to do with kids or even as a family. Even if you only find out, like me, that you don’t enjoy it.

I couldn’t even feel confident with the safety harness on. When I decided to come back down Mum was trying to tell me to just let go and float down. And by ‘float’ I mean really, really slowly, like kick and jiggle to try and speed it up and still fall asleep on the way down, kind of slow, but I still couldn’t do it. It’s not natural to just let go (lol) I will spare you the tragic video of me climbing back down to the floor before pretending to jump off. haha

I will try it again one day and I think I will go better next time, with the jumping off part at least. I think that is just something that you need to do once and then it will be fun. It’s just getting my brain to get my fingers to let go that first time. As for the climbing part? Well … let’s just say … I don’t think I’m ever going to have to jump from very high!

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18 thoughts on “It’s the Climb

  1. Looks like fun!! I’m a person who loves rock climbing, the way our heart races as you climb, the accomplished feeling when you’ve reached the top, and the fun part of jumping off the wall after!! Hope she had a great time 🙂🙂

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