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Full Circle

What are the right things to do with kids education as far as schooling is concerned? This has been a hot topic in our house for the last few months and it’s what is on my mind this morning as a read a magazine article about homeschooling.

Towards the end of last year I started homeschooling and I loved it. Then I went on a camp to Kangaroo Island in the holidays, with about 50 other kids who I had never met, and camped with them and explored the island. I enjoyed being with other kids so much that I thought about going back to school. We nearly moved to the city in time for school to start. But we didn’t because we decided to continue homeschooling.

Tookii things to do with kids reads about homeschooling
Tookii reads about homeschooling

A couple of days ago I decided to go back to school as a trial, to see if I might like to give it another try.

Do you have any experience with homeschooling? Over a long period of time would you say it was more beneficial? And, I am an only child so socializing is important too. Any advice on this?

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7 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Homeschooling serves many purposes depending on one’s personal situation — saves on school expenses , some stay home because they’re victims of schoollbullying, some have special needs–whether mentally,intellectually challenged or even a genius that a regualr school class curriculum can’t provide for these kids. But definitely, social skills training is important and a school setting will provide exposure to other kids and adults as well as social structure.Another benefit is having schoolteachers onsite who can tutor us one on one if needed. This will prove handy once you plan to take college entrance exams in the future. School prepares us in a way to the real world though off-school, how your deal with life and people is an ongoing education too. I never was homeschooled so i can’t give any personal input on it.

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    1. Thanks Josie. Yes for me it’s about being able to include my extra study in a normal day instead of after school but then there’s no other kids from day to day and I’m also an only child so yeah – I’m still thinking 🙂

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      1. If you have an association there in Australia that caters to kids who are home schooled, it will be of help to you. You’ll be able to meet other kids in a similar situation like you. In the US, there are gifted kids who are home schooled and are members of an association. I can’t think of the name but I know that it’s based in Maryland state.

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    1. Yes it was America that gave us the idea but we didn’t know it was as easy as it is here. It isn’t really common enough to have the social gatherings – I don’t know anyone else who homeschools and neither has anyone in my family ever known anyone – so it’s not the norm at all. It would be good if this was a thing here but I don’t even play any team sports to socialize. It sound much more normal and organized in the U.S. 🙂

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  2. I believe statistics say children who are home-schooled do better in college than those who go to school. I think it is much better psychologically for children to be with their parents. School comes with friends, yes, but also conflict and peer pressure. Who better to learn from than from those who love you?

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