Tookii things to do with kids watering flowers

Pretty Petals

Things to do with kids using their creative flair are great for their sense of contribution, just be careful to leave your OCD need to fix the imperfect and straighten the less experienced. Parents – let them create and leave it to be perfectly imperfect!

Before we start this blog and get all excited (lol) I feel I need a disclaimer. The following blog is in no way suggesting that anyone goes out and cuts anyones prize roses! If you do results may vary (lol).

Tookii things to do with kids watering flowers

Fresh cut flowers can make a gloomy day pleasant. Just walking into a house or a room and catching a whiff of their fragrance can instantly swap a stressful mood into a grateful feeling of being lucky to enjoy such a special sensation.

If you can, and when you feel the house needs it, try to arrange some fresh flowers. Otherwise, if you can’t cut flowers, a gorgeous candle with a simple, light scent will be ok too. It’s amazing how it can change the day and the mood of everyone in the house.

If you don’t really want kids cutting the plants in your garden, perhaps an adult can do the cutting and the kids can do the arranging.

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Petals

  1. Some folks are allergic to flowers especially the perfumed type. You can help brighten their day by giving them artificial flowers(paper or silk flowers,etc)which you can buy at a crafts or thrift store. It’ll last long and no upkeep necessary. With Valentine’s Day coming, it’s one idea worth noting.

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    1. haha great mind think alike – I nearly put an allergy note in the disclaimer lol Flowers that you don’t have to look after, I like the sound of that but I love the smell too so I’ll have to do the work I guess.

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      1. We live now in a so-so politically correct society. At my workplace, we were told to observe scent-free practices to our clients who may have severe allergies to fragrance. This may explain why fragrance-free products are so saleable but they’re expensive! If you can tolerate fragrance,then go for the floral scent!

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