Tookii things to do with kids on bed reading

Go to Bed Happy!

One of the very, very best things to do with kids, for kids, for yourself, your family and your entire home and life is get a great night’s sleep!

Go to bed happy! Always!

That’s my blog for today, thanks for coming 🙂

… only joking …

Tookii things to do with kids on bed laughing
Tookii laughing with Mum

When I say “go to bed happy” I’m definitely talking to/about children but I’m also talking about adults too. It’s important for everyone. How can kids go to bed happy if the adults in the home aren’t happy?

But there’s more …

Tookii things to do with kids on bed reading a book
Tookii reading at bedtime

There are so many important things that happen to us while we sleep. Really good stuff. Things that are super important for our health, including our mental health. I think after water, food and shelter, or even right up there with them, is sleep. No! Actually, I mean quality sleep. Because there are different types isn’t there? Not all sleep is good and makes you feel better. I think going to sleep happy helps us sleep better.

One way that I try and get happy before falling asleep is trying to think of things that I’m grateful for. It helps me change my mood before I go to sleep.

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4 thoughts on “Go to Bed Happy!

  1. Also before going to bed, if something bothers you to the point that it makes you very upset, it’s best to talk it out with someone you trust. In this way, you’ll feel much better and then have a more peaceful mind which would lead to great sleep. A good sleep leads to a restful and healthy mind which would help us in functioning as an overall human being to the greatest potential.

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  2. I agree completely! When our grandchildren come for a week each summer we make it a point to have a really upbeat, loving bedtime. The kids are happy and we’re happy. They love it! In fact, we visited our son at Thanksgiving and his 3 year old said, “I want to go home with you!”

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