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Chinta Air

I have blogged a few times about my trip to the head of The Great Australian Bight and the awesome things to do with kids there, but I still have a few to go yet, and here’s goes another one. While we were there we also visited the Nullarbor Roadhouse, which has a lot of interesting history itself (there’s another blog I will do one day). I have blogged about Kondole which can be found out the front of the Nullarbor Roadhouse but today we are talking about Chinta Air, which can be found out the back of the Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Tookii visits with Chinta Air

Chinta Air is an air charter service that can fly clients over the scenic Great Australian Bight and surrounds and provide an amazing view of this ancient landscape.

Tookii things to do with kids Chinta Air visit
Tookii in the pilot seat

No! You will be relieved to know I didn’t actually fly the plane (not half as relieved as I am) but I was allowed to sit in the pilot’s seat and try it on for size. The verdict – I need to grow a bit, I couldn’t even see over the dashboard lol. Scenic flights, short helicopter rides, or even an aviation graveyard or museum – all would probably go very well as far as things to do with kids are concerned.

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3 thoughts on “Chinta Air

  1. Lovely post. This reminds me (makes me think) of a Cartoon character, Pookii the Australian cartoon character beloved the world over. Just have a good laugh. But all that aside, you have a very lovely blog and filled with lovely posts. I left your blog address with a friend of mine to give to her daughter who just started blogging in Delhi India. Thanks so much for your hard work.

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  2. Next flight, put extra cushions in the seat, then request the flight controls and experience the adrenaline rush of piloting the plane – its great! 🙂

    Nice to read your stories.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for being here on earth – your presence is a gift to us all.

    Here, for things to do with kids, is a discussion about a fun sports manga:


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