Tookii things to do with kids Beerenberg Farm

Beerenberg Farm

Looking for things to do with kids in Adelaide, South Australia? At Beerenberg Family Farm you can take your pick. Strawberry pick that is!

Now when I say ‘take’ I don’t actually mean that you can take them, you will have to pay for your strawberries on the way out – all of them! By all means have a taste-tester while you’re picking but keep it to one or two! Such a small entrance fee doesn’t cover eating strawberries so play fair!

Tookii strawberry picking at Beerenberg Farm

When it comes to things to do with kids, can you beat this for a day out when you’re after some quality time? Nice quiet place to talk in the beautiful sunshine. Simply gorgeous strawberries, fresh air, it’s a lovely place to spend some time outdoors.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and then explore indoors, their range of products available for purchase. How could we resist?

What to buy? One of each perhaps?

I am a strawberry freak! But Mum only likes strawberries if they are amazing. We both agree, they were a-maaaz-ing!! Just look at them! We absolutely loved our time at the Beerenberg Family Farm and we will definitely be back for more of their awesome strawberries … soon!

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3 thoughts on “Beerenberg Farm

  1. Here where I live in this part of Canada, we have strawberry and apple-picking farms(usually in summer —strawberries are usually in season during summer as well. Admission fees are a given here as well.During the early spring season,we have the tapping of the maple trees to bring out maple syrup. The maple syrup farm also sells bottles of the the syrup as well as maple syrup candy,pastries and all kinds of maple syrup memorabilia as well as a hearty breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, bacon,sausage,potatoes or hash browns,eggs,toast and tea,coffee,hot coco or orange juice.

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      1. Tap like a keg. They actually insert a steel spout /spatula into the tree bark and wait for the maple syrup drops to trickle out. Depending on the temperature conditions(cold temp, then warm temp before reverting back to cold temp before the maple syrup comes out), timing is essential. Once totally warm weather comes in, the syrup will not come out. Also in the maple syrup farms as well as anywhere in Canada, a great snack is maple syrup rolled up in snow. You get a pile of snow,drizzle it with a straight line of maple syrup,put a popsicle stick over the maple syrup(now stuck with underlying snow) and then start rolling over until you form a fat lollipop. Since you don’t have snow, you can use crushed ice to the consistency (used for making snow cones drizzled with colorful syrups).

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