Tookii things to do with kids one year of blogging

One Year Two Day

My ‘things to do with kids’ blogging career is one year old today! I have been blogging, about things to do with kids, everyday for a whole year and I feel like I haven’t even started yet.

My first daily blog was February 1 2016 and today I would like to share with you some stats, just for interest sake, something I’ve seen Stomperdad  of All in a Dad’s work do.

I have 1’502 awesome people following this blog and have 28,500 hits.

And here are the countries who have visited this blog:


As you can see I was not keen to type all of that out lol

I would call that ‘global’ and I haven’t even started yet and I could be doing so much more if I could find the time. The thing about blogging about things to do with kids is, you have to do things. This is good for me but not good for spare free time to be super social online. But you know I love ya xx

We begin another year tomorrow. I want to improve so if you have any suggestions of what you like, would like more, don’t like or, would like less of – pleeeaassee let me know below.

I would like to thank my Mum and my Nanna who help with the technical stuff and who shoot most of the photos and footage for me. And of course they are like my ghost writers and help me get my written words out to you in an understandable way. I am learning so much from them and am taking on more and more myself all the time.

Also thank you to all of my amazing online friends. I hope I have inspired you to do more and different things with your kids in 2016. Year two come at me!

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