Tookii things to do with kids cooking cookies

Cookie Monster

Cooking is one of the things to do with kids that can be done at home in any weather for basically no money (you need to eat anyway) yet it’s quality time together and skill building.

When I’m feeling inspired I like to do some cooking. What do I like to cook? Most things! But mostly what I like to eat. There are even times, probably most times if I’m honest, that I start the eating before finishing the cooking. I wouldn’t be the only kid (or adult – be honest) that has this habit.

Tookii cooking cookies (say that 3 times, fast)

Here you can see me hard at work cooking biscuits (cookies).Β {I think these are different things in different countries – I mean the sweet ones you might dip in your hot chocolate or something}

… but, look again! The bowl is actually empty. Well almost. Actually no where near empty enough – I think I’ve deliberately left far too much in the bowl. This would be for the next step in the Tookii recipe.

Tookii eating cookie mix

Eat the mixture from the bowl …

Which is what I am actually doing in the first photo πŸ˜‰

But luckily some did make it to the oven to be cooked.

Cookies in the oven

Must blow them to cool them down quicker so I can eat them sooner. That’s what Mum would tell me when I was little.

Tookii blow-cooling the goods

I think she just worked out a way to stop me asking “how much longer until I can have one” lol

Tookii things to do with kids with cookies
Tookii with her biscuits

READY! Yum! They taste just a good cooked, who knew πŸ˜€

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