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The great debate

Trying to decide on the best things to do with kids at they are growing, like what sort of environment and opportunities are best for their development is what is being debated in my house right now.

I’m looking for your thoughts on my blog today and it’s about a subject that has been debated for most of my life. It’s about where is best to raise a child … me!

My Mum loves the city but she will do which ever is best for me. Most of our family have always lived in the county so you can guess their side of the argument and I’m guilty of confusing the debate further because a couple of years ago I didn’t want to live in a city but now that I’m getting older I kinda do.

Tookii things to do with kids in the city
Tookii exploring a city arcade

There are many things that come into these debates but mostly it boils down to an argument about opportunities Vs safety. There are more opportunities in the city but for good and bad things. We almost moved recently, in time for the new school year to start but we have at least put it off for this school term.

Can you enlighten me? What are your thoughts? I realise that views will be very different depending on where you live but I’m interested to hear all sides.

QUESTION: city kids or country kids? where is best for kids to grow up?

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5 thoughts on “The great debate

  1. First of all, I believe that irregardless of whether one is raised in the countryside or within city limits, that a strong family upbringing is important. With this, it will be a solid foundation of values which a person needs as he navigates through today ‘s complex society. There’s no such thing as a perfect place. All have both good and bad sides. Whats important is how you deal with it. The city definitely has more opportunities than being in the countryside which will help broaden your outlook in life. I feel that with today ‘s economic realities , it will depend also as to where your mom will work on expanding her career. You of course will have to tag along.Wherever you go, you just have to make the most of the situation.

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  2. My husband grew up in a small country town. I grew up in more of a city environment. His schools were small and everyone knew everyone. My schools were big and crowded. We both had friends and love from family. We’ve raised our kids all over, in both environments, because of my husband’s job. We all prefer the country because of the quiet and space so that is where we live now. There is a bigger college town thirty minutes out and that offers plays, concerts, football games in a stadium, that sort of thing. And sometimes we drive two hours to the big city for special events. But we prefer the country where we live across the street from horses and there are barns everywhere. Every May in our town there is a country fair. So it’s more a matter of preference.

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    1. That’s great that you have both sides to offer thanks Camie. I love the country too and the beach but I want to do so many things – interests that I have – that are in the city. hmm it’s something to think about. xx

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