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Things to do with kids challenging their abilities and stretching their limits can be great for their confidence and self-reliance. Parents – be careful not to project your fears onto your children. Show faith in their ability to handle the situation so they are brave enough to give things a go. Let them succeed. Let them fail. Show them they can cope with both.

They say do something every day that scares you. They say face your fears. They say a lot of things that don’t always make very much sense to a kid. I just think, why would I do it if it’s scary besides, I’d probably get in trouble.

Standing on the edge of a cliff would scare me but not as much as Mum screaming at me to ‘GET AWAY FROM THERE’. So perhaps as kids it’s our job to do things that scare the adults so that they can scare us? Everyone gets their scare for the day at the same time.

Tookii things to do with kids taking it on
Tookii taking on the heights

I am not a daredevil kinda kid. Never have been. In my defence I did throw caution to the wind once and try to jump over my cat who was laying on the floor in the way. Here’s how that turned out ( I can’t jump cats & Hospital and Surgery). After that experience and the lost year on crutches etc. I tamed down from extremely calm to pre-considering all likely pain inducing results from any possible action. But I am trying to change that by trying things that are fun but a bit scary too.

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