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Lochiel Monster

I guess we’ve all heard about the infamous Loch Ness Monster from Scotland who goes by the name ‘Nessy’, but today I want to talk about a different monster of a loch.

A loch is basically a lake and in Lake Bumbunga, near Lochiel in South Australia, lives ‘Loch Eel’. Well ‘lives’ is a bit of a stretch because Loch Eel is more a sculpture than a living thing and, unlike the Loch Ness Monster, Loch Eel can be found in exactly the same place all the time and as far as eels go he’s a pretty big one and so he makes it to our list of big things.

Tookii with Loch Eel at Lake Bumbunga
Tookii at Lake Bumbunga {outfit by Jay Jay’s}

On this day we were driving past Lake Bumbunga and the tide was out so we stopped to grab a photo with Loch Eel, which is made mostly from tyres, and also of this amazing piece of the planet that appears pink when the tide is in.

Australias pink lakes are very salty and their colour is believed to come from pink, red or salmon coloured algae that thrive in high salt environments.

Tookii things to do with kids loch eel
Tookii with Loch Eel at Lake Bumbunga

This spot gives you a perfect excuse to jump out of the car and stretch your legs and with just a short walk from the highway you can get your own photo with Loch Eel and this stunning pink lake.


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