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Get an Idea!

… continuing on my thinking from yesterday’s blog Now What?

First of all and most importantly,  I want to improve my blog and blog more about things to do with kids. One way to do this is, I would like to upgrade my WordPress plan to allow me more freedom with my blog and SEO. This means more cost. Mum isn’t keen to fund me because she believes I should be able to earn it through blogging for all the time and effort it takes to do. I don’t know about earning money blogging just yet but perhaps there are some other options?

Tookii things to do with kids question mark
Tookii ask the question?

Josie has suggested writing a book, perhaps a book for little kids. But I don’t have any budget and I am not good enough yet to do my own pictures either, but it’s on the ideas list to think about.

Tookii things to do with kids brainstorming
Tookii brainstorming (with new lip balms)

Everything I read tells me to find something that I’m passionate about … right now I’m obsessed with lip balm. I would even say I am addicted. I have enough lip balm for 3 life times and yet there I was at the mall yesterday buying more. Sigh! Perhaps I could review lip balms or have my own lip balm product?

to be continued. probably. for like the foreseeable future? haha joking! I hope  😉

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8 thoughts on “Get an Idea!

  1. Tookii,for now, I think you should continue blogging at your pace and leave out the economic aspect of blogging until the right time comes.By then,you’ll be ready. Also, at your age, I don’t know the extent of Australian child labor laws are in allowing kids to run a business. I believe as you continue blogging, other ventures will eventually crop up as the days go by and with your dream to-do list, you’ll be able to have an idea as to which project you can realistically do.

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    1. Yes you may be right. I mean, I don’t see any problems with the law and that, Tookii (as in the thing – not me lol) already has very strong adult support etc. I’m just stretching the thinking muscles to try and find where to go from here, what 2017 Tookii will look like (again Tookii the thing not the person haha) I want to level up in year two from year one that’s all xx

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      1. There’s nothing wrong in advance planning your future. I would do the same as you. I’m just bringing out other aspects because different countries have different rules,that’s all.Sometimes, we may act without realizing if there were any established society boundaries. always good to be careful. I would suggest that you start with 1 small business venture,one at a time. If everything goes ok, then continue one and add a 2nd venture aas the case may be. You don’t need to start with a big plan right away. Might become overwhelming at first and costly if it doesn’t pan out. also, think of the supply and demand principle. If you think that a lot people will be interested, the potential demand is there and therefore, a bigger supply may be possible to produce.For example, selling fur coats wouldn’t work in Australia,unlike swinsuits. i rest my case–lol.

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  2. A little information for future reference on book writing: Don’t pay anyone to publish your book. There’s traditional and indie (independent). Traditional is with one of the 4-5 major book publishers. Indie is doing it yourself. There are also small publishers. I’ve done indie and small publisher. My publisher has editors and book cover artists. As an indie, I paid for an editor and book cover artist.

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    1. That’s awesome thanks Judy. And with a book for little kids I would need many more pictures than just the cover – mostly pictures actually hmm. Great information though, thanks again xx

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