Tookii things to do with kids red roo

Red Roo

You can find things to do with kids while travelling if you allow some extra time and keep your eyes open for possibilities. Photo opportunities and a reason to get out of the vehicle and stretch your legs are always a good idea when travelling with kids. Here’s just one idea if you’re crossing the Nullarbor Plain.

You have probably heard that in Australia we have an animal called a kangaroo. I hear that people from other countries think that we have them everywhere, like hopping along the streets and such. No! We don’t have them everywhere but we do have lots of them, in the bush. We sometimes call a kangaroo a roo for short.

Tookii things to do with kids red roo
Tookii finds red roo near Yalata

This appears to be a kangaroo made out of iron droppers and it’s painted red. We found this particular roo at the turn off (entry road) to the Yalata Aboriginal Community which is between Penong and The Nullabor Plain in South Australia. This is the another one of our ‘BIGS‘  to tick off our list – at least until I come across a bigger one.

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