Tookii things to do with kids with a witchetty grub one of the outdoor activities for kids

Witchetty Grub

One of the best things to do with kids doesn’t cost anything at all. Activities for kids that include exploring nature are some of the best things to do with kids.

This is a Witchetty Grub, which is a grub that is found in central Australia and is eaten as bush tucker. They are usually eaten raw and taste a bit like an almond or you can cook them in the fire just a little bit and then the skin gets crisp and the inside yellow (kind of like roast chicken and fried egg).

Tookii and witchetty grub
Tookii with the witchetty grub she found in the garden

Witchetty grubs are moth or beetle larvae and can be a few different sorts but are considered to be witchetty grubs if they eat wood and are used as food.

Did I eat this witchetty grub? Nope! They are not for me lol

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One thought on “Witchetty Grub

  1. Growing up in my previous home country, I once ate bugs(without legs and wings) already roasted and served in a special sauce. Like the earthworm, they’re good sources of protein. It’s an acquired taste but i do know that in certain countries. it’s just regular eating.

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