Tookii things to do with kids with her new watch one of the activities for kids

Time will Tell

Some things to do with kids are about learning new skills, and one very important skill that we kids must learn is how to tell the time. And we can feel quite important when we start wearing a watch.

How I first started to be interested in telling the time was, my Nanna bought me a watch to wear. I felt all grown up but I didn’t know how to tell the time.

Tookii learning to tell time
Tookii with her new watch

Mum and Nanna would always say “Tookii, what’s the time please”? I didn’t know but, it did get me interested in learning to tell the time and that is where is all started.

Another way may be to have a watch as a reward for learning to tell the time – that could work too.

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6 thoughts on “Time will Tell

  1. Your Nanna’s gift watch is the perfect watch for you being a beginner in reading time. It has 2 long arms, 1 long and 1 short with tiny lines in between the hours and half hours . In this way, you can tell what hour and how many minutes time has gone by just by looking where the 2 arms are poistioned. (It’s called ANALOG).Eventually, you’ll get other watches which doesn’t have a lot of lines nor numbers.It’s also possible that you might just get one which will tell you exactly what time it is by just reading the numbers on the screen.(It’s called DIGITAL).If you want no sound of the ticking of the watch, get one labeled QUARTZ and if you want, WATERPROOF It’ll say on the watch itself. If you don’t ever want to change watch batteries, I would recommend CITIZEN WATCHES–ECO-DRIVE. It functions through exposure to the sun–solar power. I had mine since 2003 and no battery changes ever!

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