Tookii things to do with kids in the scrub one of the outdoor activities for kids

Scrub Office

Are you looking for new things to do with kids but lack funds, time or perhaps you’re looking for new ways to get the same old stuff done – like homework on the weekend, for example. Just get creative, mix it up, try a new location.They do say a change is as good as a holiday!

Here in Australia we have rest stops. Like just in the middle of nowhere along the highway. There is an entry point and then an exit point joined to the highway in a half oval type shape, so you can drive in off the highway, stop and rest and then drive back onto the highway and continue your journey.

In these rest stops there is usually a bin and a table and bench seats made of thick cement.

You don’t tend to take much notice of these rest areas, that is until you are looking for one. Once you start taking notice it is surprising how often they come along.

Tookii in the scrub
Tookii in a scrub office

I had the idea one day that this actually makes a pretty cool place to get away, out into nature, and use as an office. We only have to drive about 10 minutes out of town to have a whole new space to think and find new inspirations and perspectives.

Honestly, we don’t do this all that often but when I need a new idea or a change of scenery, this is an option that works quite well. I guess you could do the same with a park or garden in the town but this is certainly quieter with less distractions.

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