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Paper Mache

Crafts are often an absolute winner as far as things to do with kids go.

Heard “I’m bored” from your kids too many times today? Boy have I got an idea for you.

Got some old newspapers? A couple of things lying around that they can make their own glue with? And a couple of balloons? Well you’re in business!

Paper mache it is!

Tookii paper mache
Tookii preparing to paper mache

The kids can have fun blowing up their own balloon and ripping up their paper into pieces and making their own glue and sticking it all onto their balloon. That should keep them busy for a while.

Tookii crafts
Tookii doing paper mache

That’s mine done! And, once it’s dry, I will have another activity painting my creation 🙂

You can google paper mache and how to make your own glue etc. There are many much more clever people on the internet that can help you with the ‘how to’s’ – I’m just here to offer the ideas for activities 😀

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3 thoughts on “Paper Mache

  1. For a smoother look, after layering on the newspaper pieces as part of the paper mache, glue over them pieces of old,blank computer paper so that once dried, you can paint over it any kind of color without tracings of neesprint under all those paint.

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