Tookii things to do with kids at a swimming pool one of the summer activities for kids

Pay to Pool

Trying to think of things to do with kids when it hot? Swimming is an awesome activity for kids, especially when it’s hot. But not everyone has a swimming pool at home or a beach near by. So what can we do?

We have beaches that I swim in but we do not have a swimming pool at home. I guess it’s because we live near the beach that no one in my family has a pool that I can use. Some towns have a public swimming pool and for people who live in those towns it’s easy to pay for the ticket and go swimming. In this photo I was travelling and I felt like a swim so we found a public pool. But what about kids who don’t live by the beach and don’t have a public pool?

Tookii at the pool
Tookii at a public swimming pool

Here are some things that I have done to have a swim in a pool …

If you are in an area for a while you may be able to ask the local school if you can pay to use their pool or I have also swam in motel pools. Motels that we weren’t staying at I mean. I have just rang around or gone into the office and asked if they would mind me swimming in their pool. They often just charge around $5.oo per person. Does your town have a school pool or a motel with a pool? Hopefully some ideas there to get you rolling 🙂

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