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HMAS Whyalla – Maritime Museum

There are some things to do with kids that are awe inspiring and it’s like your imagination comes to life right before your eyes. Bigger and better than you can even dream. Seeing a big ship like this one right up close (or even taking the tour through it) is one of these things.

Here’s a cool place to take the kids if you’re in Whyalla, South Australia. It’s the Maritime Museum and there’s a lot of cool stuff to see and you can even take a tour of the ship at certain times but I think that is all for you to see for yourself.

Also take advantage of the great family photo opportunity provided by the massive ship HMAS Whyalla while you are there.

HMAS Whyalla ship
Tookii at the Maritime Museum in Whyalla

I stood on the bench seats and stretched my hands up as tall as I could for mine.

This is not the biggest ship in the world but it’s the biggest one I’ve seen that is sure to be in the same spot if you go to take a photo with it so on the big things list it goes.

Are there any maritime museums or big ship tours where you live?

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8 thoughts on “HMAS Whyalla – Maritime Museum

  1. In my neck of the woods, we have the Albert County Museum at Hopewell Cape,New Brunswick,Canada and the New Brunswick Museum at St. John,New Brunswick,Canada. We don’t have big ship tours on our end here except probably at St. John if the ship came from the US. But there’s an agency called Canadian Maritime Cruises here in the East Coast where the tour starts at Portland ,Maine,USA and then reaches Quebec City,Quebec,Canada with several ports of call in between(New Scotia,Prince Edward Island and Quebec provinces).

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