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Green Tea

It would be pointless discussing things to do with kids at all without talking about kids being healthy. Because there are no activities for kids that they will enjoy more when they are sick than they would if they felt ok.

This post is about me drinking green tea. Not that exciting for you unless you are hoping that your child will start drinking green tea but you can’t find one that is nice to drink.

Lets face it – most green teas are horrible to drink and kids will turn their nose up at the look or smell of it, nevermind trying to get them to taste it. I will share the tea that I am drinking so you can give it a try with your kids if you like.

Tookiis green tea and lime
Calli tea and lime

I am drinking a green tea from a company called Sunrider International. The tea, which comes in a teabag, is called Calli. There are different flavors but I most like mint because it is light and fresh and gives a warm / cool sensation when I drink it. It’s a clear tea (no floaty bits that kids hate) and I mix it in a two litre glass jug per bag and share it with Mum.

A couple of things that we have found with this tea: Don’t put it in a metal jug or mug, or stir with metal because it seems to clean the metal and take on a metallic taste which ruins the flavor. Also, I don’t put boiling water on the teabag but I put the kettle water in the jug and top the jug up with cooler water before putting the bag in, otherwise the taste can be sourer and I prefer it light and crisp – most kids probably would.

Goodluck 😀

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5 thoughts on “Green Tea

  1. Green tea is good for the heart,improve your immune system and increase your metabolism,therefore, it helps in losing weight. I usually flavor my green tea with mint,lemon or honey and serve it chilled after the tea bag gets submerged first in boiling water and then cooled off.

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