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Big Wombat

You can find things to do with kids while travelling if you allow some extra time and keep your eyes open for possibilities. Photo opportunities and a reason to get out of the vehicle and stretch your legs are always a good idea when travelling with kids. Here’s just one idea if you’re crossing the Nullarbor Plain but you won’t see this one from the road – you kinda need to know about this one – you’re welcome 🙂

I have another ‘BIG‘ for you to tick off our list of big things around Australia, this time it’s a wombat!

The Big Wombat is located at Scotdesco Aboriginal Community in Bookabie, South Australia. It certainly is a very impressive wombat.

Tookii with big wombat
Tookii with a big wombat at Scotdesco Aboriginal Community, South Australia

We saw many, many wombat holes along the road and they are very large and quite extensive and you really don’t want to fall into one. There is much more to a wombat hole than meets the eye and dogs who get stuck in the tunnels after chasing a wombat into their hole are sometimes never found. Even when you can clearly hear the dog the task of finding the correct place to dig can be too great, even after a few days of trying. This gives you some idea of the elaborate layout of the wombats burrow.

I didn’t stop to get any photos of the burrows nor did I see any real wombats – maybe another time we will set ourselves this task but for this trip the biggest wombat of all will do just fine.

Stop in and grab a unique family photo if you’re ever over near Bookabie.

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    1. haha awesome is that the one in Jamestown, North Dakota? ps I was in the library today and I have asked them to hold The Borrowers for me when it’s returned. You have me excited about it now 🙂


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