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Yoga Instruction

Things to do with kids that involve exercise is always on my list. Yoga isn’t going to be for all kids though, I understand that.

I am into yoga as I’ve mentioned a couple of times before in my blogs Yoga by the Sea and Night Beach Yoga (and there are probably more).

I am not very good at it yet though and that is partly because I don’t practice often enough. I know they call it ‘practicing yoga’ because it’s never perfect but I still would like to be able to do it a little better than I do now.

Answer? A yoga instructor!

Tookii yoga
Tookii does yoga with her instructor

This not only helps me to do the poses correctly but it also makes sure that I am doing yoga regularly – at least in my lesson.

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5 thoughts on “Yoga Instruction

  1. I practiced yoga for over thirty years until I gave it up and became a critic of it. One of the reason is because yoga has been westernised and used as way to try to improve physical appearance rather than a spiritual discipline. My criticism were also proved right when the American medical association two years ago reported that people are not aware of how many people are admitted each year in hospitals with yoga injuries sometimes very serious. This is not because yoga is bad, on the contrary when done with moderation and without overstretching is OK, but because in the West is taken to extreme of flexibility which weakens rather than strengthens the joints. Another criticism of mine is that all yoga books in the West always show very good looking and double jointed young women and men doing the exercises which is pure hype and misleading. One never sees ordinary looking people of all ages doing yoga exercises in such books. One of the things that people don’t realize is that certain yoga exercises are suitable for flexible Indian people who have done them since young age but not for Western people that are not always so flexible. besides a few yoga exercises don’t always agree with principles of modern physiotherapy. Nowadays I do Tai chi of which I’m a teacher of five styles of Tai chi. It’s more gentle more creative, not uncomfortable as some yoga postures are and also being a marshal art can be useful in self defence if learnt in a certain way.

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      1. Mind you I didn’t want to put you off Yoga, by all means do it but don’t overdo it. Remember that the milder the stretch the healthier is the yoga. Some asanas such as the head stand and extreme body twists should be avoided and for every pose such as bending forwards example uttadasana one should do a counter posture such as the cobra or the bridge in order not to weaken the joints. Anyway the yoga practiced in the West is Hatha yoga that is only a warm up physical exercise for practicing breathing exercises called pranayama and meditation. To do only Hatha yoga is like a footballer doing some stretching and never play football. That is why in the West the all thing of the yoga craze is wrong and totally westernised.

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  2. Yoga is amazing!! I have been doing it for over 25 yrs on and off. My mom started me a long time ago by buying me children’s book on yoga when I was about 8 yrs old because she was looking for something to keep me out of her hair and I was hooked….lol!! I wished I could remember that old book’s name I have yet to be able to find it again. I have noticed as I got older even though I do not do it as regularly as I should I am still very flexible. I attribute it to all the yoga and other exercises I did growing up and on into adulthood.

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