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Elvis Presley Museum

I have a confession, something that you may not know about me unless you know me personally. Despite how young I am and that I was born decades after his death – I LOVE Elvis Presley! When we were told about this place I nagged and nagged until we went lol.

Yes I know, I know! He died loooong before I was even born but I am part of a musical family so I get exposed to a lot of music going back way before that.

There are three generations of musicians before me in my family and I get to know my Mum’s music, my Nanna’s music and my Great Grandparents music. So I think I’m fairly cultured for my age and I am sure glad that I have been introduced to the music of The King of Rock n Roll. When we were told about an Elvis museum in Whyalla, I nagged to go and see it before we left town.

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7 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Museum

  1. Elvis, the King, is a very versatile singer. He can sing all kinds of genre but he reportedly loves to sing his favorites ,specifically gospel songs. Your background music–Temperature Rising is great. My favorite karaoke songs ala Elvis are “Can’t Help Falling in Love”,Blue Hawaii,Welcome to My World, Here Comes Santa Claus,If I Get Home On Christmas Day,What Now My Love,I’ll Remember You, Hawaiian Wedding Song,It’s Now or Never,The Wonder Of You and Burning Love. Someday, if you do travel to the US, do visit Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s now classified as one of the US historical sites.

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