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Love Lime

We can’t talk about things to do with kids without talking about health! An awesome food that I like is limes. Limes have so many health benefits that parents should always have some in the fridge.

I didn’t even know what a lime was until my family got crazy about them. Lime just always meant green, like lime was a green ice block or green cordial but I didn’t know it was a ‘thing’ I just thought it was a flavor or colour? I guess I never really thought about it at all.

Now I definitely do know what a lime is – they’re magic, that’s what! Limes help with so many things that my family always keep them in the fridge in case we need one.

Lemon and lime
Tookii with lemons and limes

So far we have been amazed how good they are for bites (especially the bites that nothing else fixes) just rub and juice the lime right on the bite at night and don’t rinse until morning. Also some infections including sore teeth, just juice a lime into a glass of warm water and swish it around in your tooth a lot before bed.

It’s really good at getting rid of dead skin without any scrubbing or expensive skincare too. Sometimes I slice a lime and put the slices into a bowl of warm water (only because the lime came out of the fridge and is cold) and I take it into the bathroom and rub the slices all over and leave it on while I run the bath. My skin always feels so, so smooth after.

I also juice a lime into a jug, fill the jug with water and rinse my head (scalp) with it. I leave it in for an hour before I shower normally, usually at night, and in the morning my hair and scalp are super clean. It gets rid of dead skin/dandruff and build up and it can also relieve an itchy scalp.

I’m sure there are many more benefits for limes listed on the internet but I’m just sharing mine so far. Do you have any stories of your own about lime?

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9 thoughts on “Love Lime

  1. Limes are similar to lemons in terms of sour taste and cleansing abilities. Lemons and limes complement each other especially in drinks like the soft drink—7-Up. By itself, lime can be a refreshing juice drink as long as you add some sugar to have a tasty lime juice. The juice can also be used in cooking like making key lime pie which is a specialty treat in the Florida Keys.

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      1. Key lime is just a name for lime fruit which is found in the Florida Keys. Their specialty is key lime pie but you can use any type of lime to make this recipe. The secret is the lime juice and condensed milk used as part of the custard in making the pie filling.

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