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Beginner Keyboard

Things to do with kids that involve children in music are great in my mind. But kids will change their minds about a lot of things and which instrument to play (or whether to keep playing music at all) is subject to change at any time, so don’t buy expensive musical instruments for beginners.

I have noticed that all of the piano photos on my blog so far have been with me at an actual piano and that isn’t necessarily helpful for someone thinking of beginning lessons or starting piano tuition for a child.

First let me explain that I always seem to be at a piano because everyone in my family owns one – so no matter what house I’m at there’s a piano but I want to clear up that you DO NOT HAVE TO have a piano to begin to learn. Buy one just to try piano would be a very expensive gamble, considering children tend to change their minds about which instruments to learn.

If you are looking into lessons don’t let not having a piano stop you – you do not need one but your lessons will be much better value for money if you (or the child) can practice between lessons. Perhaps you could borrow a keyboard for a while or rent a practice room with a piano or go to a friends house who has a piano or keyboard – even if it’s just for a while to make sure the interest in learning lasts long enough to see improvement.

A great option is to buy a portable keyboard and sit it at a table to play (you can even pack it away when you’re done) or you can also buy a keyboard stand and even a stool and leave it set up. If you want to go the whole package, a music stand and a light would also be great. The point I’m making is you can spend as little or as much as you like.

Tookii playing keyboard
Tookii playing her keyboard

If it’s a gift you might like to make it special and get a package but, if it’s just to see how lessons go, you might find a cheap secondhand keyboard. All of these options are fine – the only thing I would suggest is to make sure the keys are standard size (google it). This is because if you buy a cheap keyboard it might actually be a toy and the keys might be smaller than a standard piano. This will cause problems with hitting the wrong keys in lesson or anytime a standard piano is to be played, and that isn’t a good thing to practice.

In the photos you can see the portable keyboard on a keyboard stand that I have in my room at home. I can adjust the keyboard stand to be lower if I want to sit but I usually stand (because I’m tired of sitting at the piano) and off to the side of me (behind me) you can just see my black music stand that I usually have behind the keyboard with my book sitting on, but I had pulled it out to put my guitar book on and hadn’t put it back yet. I don’t need a light because I find the room light does the job and if I wanted a chair I’d just grab a dining or office chair that isn’t being used.

This is all that I would probably have if we didn’t already own pianos and that would be ok.

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2 thoughts on “Beginner Keyboard

  1. I love the piano. I didn’t keep up with my lessons growing up, so I never mastered it as well as I’d like, but I have family members that stuck with it & play very well 🙂

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