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Usually I’m all for things to do with kids eating nuts. That is unless they are allergic (of course) or they really don’t like them. I like some and not others.

Nuts are healthy for us kids in moderation, that is kids who aren’t allergic to nuts. There are so many benefits for eating nuts that you will find many articles online to list them for you.

In the photos I am holding a tub of hazelnuts. I don’t really like hazelnuts very much and that is why I have hazelnuts in the picture … because I’ve eaten all the nuts I do like haha.

Tookii with container of nuts
Tookii with hazelnuts

My favorite nuts are almonds and I also really like pistachios and they are both some of the healthiest nuts, so that’s a good thing.

I don’t know why I don’t like hazelnuts – I do like Nutella very much (too much) and that has hazelnuts. I cannot explain this?

Give you kids a wide variety of nuts to try – they might not like one at all but they might love another. Ones that you need to use a nut cracker for is fun for kids – if they can do it 😉

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5 thoughts on “Hazelnuts

  1. You probably could eat the Nutella hazelnut spread because of the chocolate icing ingredient. Try next time to drizzle some chocolate sauce or icing over your fresh hazelnuts. It’ll mask the hazelnut flavor.You can also crush the hazelnuts and mix in the chocolate liquid and make your own version of a nutty crunchy choco butter. It’s like pouring ketchup over yuchy food just to mask the awful flavor and to make it easier to swallow it down.

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