Tookii things to do with kids walking a dog one of the outdoor activities for kids

Make a Dog’s Day

Things to do with kids definitely has to include animals – unless they really don’t like animals. One of the most popular family pets is a dog. There are many activities for kids to do that involve a dog, and these activities are some of the best things to do with kids. If you can’t have a dog – borrow one.

I have blogged before about ‘borrowing’ a pet dog. In my blog Dognapping I spoke about how I’m not allow to have a dog and how I get around that small detail and have pet dogs anyway. Still I take friends dogs for walks and so far I have not had a single one of them complain about it. Their owners seem ok about it too.

Tookii walking a dog
Tookii walking a friends dog

Dogs love to go for a walk and see the sights and stretch their legs and sniff the sniffs – it’s what a dog is all about. Sometimes dog owners get busy and don’t have time to take their dogs for a nice long walk – this is where we ‘dog-less dog lovers’ can help out.

Take a dog for a walk … ask first – obviously (the owner that is, not just the dog. The dogs answer will always be yes) 😉  lol

Tookii Friends


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