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Oh Heck

A things to do with kids list if ideas must include playing many games. If it doesn’t go and edit it now … I’ll wait …

Do you and your kids like playing card games? We do !

There are a few card games that children like. I guess one of the most popular would have to be ‘Go Fish’.

Here we are playing a game that we call ‘Oh Heck’ (it may not be it’s actual name but that’s what we call it).

Each player is dealt 4 cards – two placed up top and two under them. The bottom cards you can look at as often as you like but you may not look at the top cards until you exchange them for another card that you have taken from one of the decks.

Tookii and Mum play cards
Tookii playing cards with Mummy

After dealing all players their four cards – face down. One card is placed in the middle – face up and the remainder of the deck is placed in the middle next to it – face down. Every turn you must pick a pack from either the face up or face down deck and either exchange it for a card already in your group of four or discard it to the face up deck. Either way the card you don’t want to keep gets discarded the same way.

The idea of the game is to get your hand of four cards down to as low score as possible with a hand of four kings being the ultimate, as kings score zero. Aces are next best scoring one and everything else is face value and queens and jacks are scored at ten.

Mummy beats Tookii at cards
Tookii looses

When you lift one of your top two cards (which you can only do after you have picked up a card from the deck that you would like to swap it for) you MUST exchange the card for the one you have picked up from the deck. You MUST discard the old card and swap it for the new one – so try not to give good cards away to other players who can pick up from the face up (discard) pack if they wish. To avoid losing good cards – remember what you have put in the top two places because you MUST NOT look at them again unless you are swapping them again.

When you think you have a lower hand than everyone else you can ‘knock’ on the table right after your shot (only) giving each other player one final shot and then ending the game. The lowest score wins.

You can play like this OR you can choose to add one or two of the jokers. Jokers are scored at 50 points and when they are discarded onto the face up pile, a joker causes the immediate end of the game.

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