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Kitty Keys

Pets are often recommended on my blog about things to do with kids because having animals in my life, to love and care for, is important and fulfilling for me. Some of the very best things to do with kids involve pets. My favorite pets are cats.

This is my kitten and his name is Phantom. He is the son of my Mummy’s kitty and he is perfectly colour coordinated with the keys of my piano. He likes to sit there while I play and I like to think that he is my biggest fan but really I think he does it to be with me. Like cats who sit on your laptop while you work and things like that.

kitten on piano
Colour coordinated kitty

Why are kitties so darn toot? Isn’t he just adorable in the photo? He’s not in the way, he’s helping lol or so he thinks.

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11 thoughts on “Kitty Keys

  1. Your pet Phantom is a tuxedo cat because his black and white fur is quite similar to the way these were positioned on his body like that of a tuxedo worn by a man. Another animal with similar tuxedo like appearance is the penguin.

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