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Whale watching at the head of the Great Australian Bight is one of the best things to do with kids when crossing the Nullarbor Plain. Activities for kids like visiting the whale nursery at The Bight and seeing the baby whales playing are awesome things to do with kids as a family. But today I’m talking about another baby whale and a great photo op just 10 minutes from the Head of the Bight.

Kondole is a man from Australian Aboriginal mythology. He was rude and refused to help during a ceremony one night. He had been asked to keep the fire going and although he was the only one who could, he hid in the bush instead and refused to help.

Some of the men who were performing at the ceremony argued with him and one got angry and frustrated and threw a spear and it lodged into Kondole’s skull. All the men then turned into animals like kangaroos and birds and Kondole became the first whale. The hole in his head made by the spear became the whales blowhole.

Tookii at Nullabor Roadhouse
Tookii with whale at Nullabor Roadhouse, Nullabor Plain South Australia

We found this particular whale at the Nullabor Roadhouse during our trip to see the whales at The Great Australian Bight, it was  another whale to visit and get a photo of and it is also another photo opportunity to tick off our list of ‘BIGs’ around Australia. As far as whales go, even baby whales, this statue might not be very big in comparison. But it is the biggest whale on land that I’ve seen to take a photo with so therefore it’s on the big things list.

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