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I blog healthy food like fruit and then I might blog something like cupcakes. This is because I blog about things to do with kids.  I’m not a health blogger, I’m a kid blogger and we like not so healthy stuff sometimes too. I don’t think this blog will go under the ‘healthy’ tags but it’s a snack I like to have sometimes.

Tookii eating
Tookii eating noodles with chopsticks

It’s two minute noodles or noodles in a cup – whatever you call them. Boil the kettle for a bit of hot water, pop it in the cup, grab your utensil and you’re snacking in no time.

You can pour the hot water out after your noodles are soft and ready to eat or you can leave it in and have a nice warm soup to drink once your noodles are all eaten.

Comfort food 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Noodles

  1. Noodles can be healthy too if it was freshly made/ home made and not processed/ custom-made into a styrofoam cup. The Chinese,Japanese,Korean ,Vietnamese and other Asian folks use noodles as their staple food aside from rice. You can make healthy noodles by using whole wheat flour for example. The broth can be made from the juices of the meats and vegetables you put in.Seasonings like fish sauce, soy sauce and other spices are put in for added flavor. It has to be healthy because a lot of these folks live long(even up to 100 yo or older!)just by eating good,wholesome noodle soup.

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      1. No problem. We all got to learn somehow. I started when i was your age, this way….buy at the grocery, a bag of dried Asian long noodles at your pasta aisle–same as where your spaghetti noodles are. Even the spaghetti noodles will do. Boil the noodles last so as not to get too soggy after you first cook up your meat/veggie soup and season to taste. Use chopsticks as needed. If not, fork and spoon is ok too. Wah-lah! Oriental noodle soup.

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