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Kids can’t hold a guitar

One of the things to do with kids, that you might believe isn’t really for kids if you listen to some people, actually might be. The guitar is often one of these things.

A friend said to me yesterday “how do you play guitar? I tried to play my Dad’s old guitar last night and I couldn’t get my arm around it to strum it properly, it hurt my arm”. If your child has this problem or you are thinking of buying a guitar for a child, this blog post might help a little I hope.

All of the guitars that you’ve seen me using are 3/4 guitars (yes even my electric guitar). This is the size guitar that I have used since I was 5 years old, although I think you can even get 1/2 sized guitars etc if you need it even smaller. This allows me to get my arm around my acoustic guitars body and strum without hurting my arm.

Tookii playing her guitar
Tookii playing guitar

Also; I use a foot stool. This helps the guitar sit and stay on my leg without slipping off. And I highly suggest that kids begin with nylon strings as metal strings may hurt and cut their fingers.

Tookii with acoustic guitar
Tookii with her 3/4 purple acoustic guitar

3/4 acoustic guitars with nylon strings can be bought quite cheap and a foot stool doesn’t cost very much either. I would recommend an absolute beginner book to work through for a start, and perhaps a music stand to sit it on so you can read comfortably while you play. You will also want a pick (or a set of picks in case they get lost) also called plectrums and also very cheap.

I hope that helps.

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6 thoughts on “Kids can’t hold a guitar

  1. Hey Tooki,

    Great post.
    Kids can def hold a guitar!

    This is a video I made with my son on a sure fire way to get into a good playing position.

    There is lots of stuff to help kids play guitar at awesomeguitarforkids. com

    Keep Strumming

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