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Cats can Flatlay

Things to do with kids definitely has to include pets. One of the most popular pets for a family is a cat (or cats). They are my first choice. Activities for kids that include spending time with animals are some of the best things to do with kids. Today is all about Teddy.

There was a time when Flatlays were all the rage. For some people they are still a pretty great way to display things. Instagram has many, many examples of Flatlays.

If you haven’t heard of a Flatlay before, a Flatlay is a display of items that together share a theme and tell a story, so to speak. People design them and get artistic in the presentation and then take a photo of it to share. You can find more on the internet but what I am blogging about today is a particular Flatlay.

We were doing a Flatlay one day (the one in the picture) and as you can see we had a fuzzy hot water bottle and a scarf and all was shaping up to be a nice ‘cosy in the cold’ themed display however it was missing something, but what?

As we stood and stared at it and wondered what to add, along came Teddy (the super-fuzzy kitty) and curled himself up on the woolen jumper. We looked at him. We looked at each other. We looked back at him and agreed that it was now finished lol we took our photos.

cat on a meow jumper
Teddy does a flatlay

PS did you notice word that is on the black and white woolen jumper that Teddy is laying on?

Rest in Peace darling Teddy xx

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