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Chocolate Factory

There are those things to do with kids that nearly break the awesomeness scale, this is one, that is all.

I can hear it now … the moans and endless complaints from the children in the back seat as you steer the family car towards today’s dreaded family activity.

Oh! Not a trip to a chocolate factory they whine, do we have to go?

Tookii at Phillip Island
Tookii at The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, Victoria

What kid wants to see mind blowing chocolate displays and dream about eating them? What child would want to suffer through making their own chocolate in the factory?

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
Tookii making her own chocolate

What adult could possibly expect a ‘Parent of the Year’ award for forcing their children through such torture?

……… YOU !!! THAT’S WHO !!!

display at the chocolate factory
One of the awesome displays

 psst … Why aren’t you there already?

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6 thoughts on “Chocolate Factory

  1. Other chocolate factories come to mind: The Hershey Chocolate Factory in Hershey,Pennsylvania, USA (A museum and hotel is also within the premises). There’s also the Ganong Chocolate Factory and Museum in St. Stephen, New Brunswick,Canada. These are real chocolate factories. The only fictional one is Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory–tribute and hats off to the late actor/comedian Gene Wilder as the great Willy Wonka.

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      1. Yes. It’s a big complex. The Hershey Chocolate Factory in the US. It’s something as a chocoholic’s Disneyland. One of my nieces and nephews went there when they were your age and they told me that their favorite spot is the chocolate waterfall .. Do a search online on the Hershey Factory site and go through one link which states TripAdvisor and you’ll have tons of photos taken by tourists who went there. You’ll feel as if you’re getting a virtual tour of the place.

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      2. Also search for its official name: Hershey’s Chocolate World. Scroll down and click on its official link where it will give you a tour of the place. It also has branches in other parts of the world. The nearest one from Australia is in Singapore.

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