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As you probably know I would normally have a blog about things to do with kids. I do a blog post every day but today I am very sad.

The flip out screen on my video camera has stopped working. I cannot see what I am shooting or retrieve footage from the camera because the buttons I need to use for this are also on the flip out screen.

It needed a new flex cord, which is the flexible cable that runs from the flip out screen to the camera body. This cable has just broken a little over time and with use, otherwise the camera is still awesome.

I was going to blog the Oysterfest in Ceduna on the long weekend but I don’t have enough money to fix my camera. Certainly not over $200 at short notice that I wasn’t expecting to need.

Here is the Service Quotation Form details, it’s all honest I promise, I really do have a broken camera – I wouldn’t lie. As you can see I have paid $68 already from my savings but I would be so grateful if you could help me if you can?

Quote to fix Video Camera

Here is a link to donate to my Tookii Paypal account. You can donate any amount you like.


I thank you so so much in advance xx

It went kinda like this …

“OH NO !! MY SCREEN IS BLANK, MUUUUMM my video camera is broken. Do you think I have time to get it fixed”.

Tookii freeeaking out

“Probably not” said Mum “And who’s going to pay for it anyway?”

Being Tookii like a boss

“Me” I said “I have been saving and I shall pay for it” And off I marched to the camera repair store.

“Here is my camera” I said “Imma need that camera ASAP, so if you could just express that order that would be great ’cause I got business to do”. (haha well it kinda went like that in my mind anyway, all the business and what not lol).

“We will express your order, but if we need to get parts in I can’t promise we will have it done in time” said the lady at the desk.

Next day … IT’S DONE !

Tookii celebrating a win

“YAAAAAASSSSSS”! I celebrated !!

… and 0ff I struted with my piggy bank (well the contents anyway) to collect my camera, exstatic and generally winning at life 😀

I strolled upto the counter and presented my $68 in savings to the store counter as the lady informed me that the repairs total came to $291.60 …

“……… Excuse me, how much?” I asked.

Tookii asks the question

“Well $291.60 minus your $68 deposit leaves $223.60 remaining. How would you like to pay” she asked.

“… uuuummm Imma be right baaack” I slurred as I backed for the door in horror.

Tookii kinda stunned – nailing that deer in the headlights look

Shortly after at home;

“Muuuuummmmmm ….???”

Tookii begging

I will spare you the pitiful details but needless to say I tried everything. I begged, I cried …

Tookii turning on the waterworks

What can I say … not my proudest moment !

And that’s how we got here!


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8 thoughts on “OH NO !! EMERGENCY BLOG POST !!

  1. I am just over half way to my goal now and I’m so grateful. Over the past 8 months there have been many times that I questioned (as I think most bloggers do) if all the work that goes into blogging everyday is worth it and if anyone even cares. Clearly someone does care and I can’t thank you enough xx


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