Tookii things to do with kids Baby whale at Head of Bight South Australia one of the outdoor activities for kids

Head of Bight

Whale watching and exploring nature are some of the best things to do with kids. Activities for kids like visiting the whale nursery at The Bight and seeing the baby whales playing are awesome things to do with kids as a family.

By ‘Bight’ of course I mean The Great Australian Bight and Head of Bight Visitors Center is an amazing place with amazing views and photo opportunities, both of the sea and the family.

Tookii viewing Bunda Cliffa from Head of Bight
A view of Bunda Cliffs from Head of Bight Boardwalk and entrance road

If you are at Head of Bight between the start of May and the start of November you may even be able to do some whale watching. The Southern Right Whale mothers and their babies use it as a nursery away from colder waters. They come right in close and provide awesome views and photos and memories to cherish forever.

Tookii watching the Southern Right Whales
Tookii whale watching at Head of Bight

Visit ‘Kids Corner’on the Head of Bight website before you go. Let the kids read about the whales so they can name the tricks as the whales perform them, if they are in the mood.

Tookii at The Great Australian Bight
Tookii at the Head of Bight Gateway and our baby whale Noah putting on a show for us

DO NOT drive past this gateway, especially if the sign says that there are whales to see. You will be glad you stopped in and enhanced your memories of crossing The Nullabor.

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