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Hospital and Surgery

Not all things to do with kids are fun, planned or wanted but they happen just the same.

I while ago I shared a blog post called ‘I can’t jump cats‘ about getting my leg in plaster.

After this initial rush to emergency, I was taken to get some x-rays and I found out that I had fractured my knee cap or growth plate or something like that. What ever the terminology it all meant that I needed surgery.

Tookii in hospital
Tookii waiting for surgery

I waited for surgery and I wasn’t allowed to eat. We waited all day and then we were told that the surgery would be in the morning and we still didn’t eat (Mum said she wouldn’t eat until I could).

Eventually I had my surgery and went home. I had to keep my leg in a brace for a long time and when I took it off my one leg was very hairy lol

Tookii waiting for surgery
… still waiting

I missed quite a lot of school and my kitty (who was a part of the initial accident) wouldn’t leave me and was very, very sorry.

I can’t tell you anything about the surgery because I don’t remember it, and I’m happy about that haha.

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