Tookii things to do with kids playing harmonica one of the activities for kids

Harmless Harmonica

If your children have any interest in music then music is hands-down your top thing to do with kids. It literally grows kids brains and gives them thinking skill they would not have if not for the practise of playing music.

Ok I have to confess – I don’t play the harmonica but, I do have one and I love it. I got my harmonica along with a beginner book. I played my way through the book in like an hour and that was that. I haven’t got another book yet.

Tookii with harmonica
Tookii playing harmonica

I have blogged asking is the Ukulele for You? or your child. I chose the Ukulele because it can be an instrument or a toy and it can be played badly yet it isn’t too hard to listen to and it doesn’t cost too much.

Well, today I have another trial instrument / toy / gift that is also not hard to listen to and is also not expensive. Try a harmonica. I intend to maybe next year 😎

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2 thoughts on “Harmless Harmonica

  1. The harmonica that you are playing in the photo is basically a blues harmonica. It’s called the diatonic harmonica and it’s used mostly for blues rock and country music. It’s the easiest instrument to play and at the same time the most difficult one. It’s also the only instrument that has been played on the moon. The reason why it’s the most difficult is because it lacks some notes in the lower end that can only be made by bending the notes. Moreover by bending and overblowing one can practically do all the chromatic scale, but it takes a lot of practice. I started learning music with it and I was very good but after a while I changed to the chromatic harmonica, the one played by Steve Wonder and Toots Thieleman, because it has a slide with which one can do all the notes without bending. It also has a cleaner sound somewhat similar to the violin. One instrument that you should consider is the melodica. It has wonderful sound somewhat between the harmonica, the accordion and the saxophone and it’s the best instrument for learning music because is basically like a one hand piano. In fact it’s used in Japan for teaching music to children. This said is a very serious instrument but sadly and unjustly it’s grossly underrated because it’s inexpensive and mostly made of plastic so people who are not musicians think of it as a toy instrument until they hear its wonderful sound. Being a pianist it would be a great instrument for you. If you get one buy the fire or the ocean melodica that you can get it from any music shops or from amazon. I’ve the fire. I find the melodica very relaxing to play and beautiful to hear. Anyway you can go in youtube and see some videos of Christelle Berthon for the diatonic harmonica she is amazing, or Toots Thieleman for the chromatic and a few good musicians playing the melodica. Here is a great video about the story of the harmonica

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