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Table Setting

Things to do with kids eating is usually a win … and highly recommended. But what about preparing the table for the family meal?

What is a good age for children to start learning to set the table for dinner? What age did you learn or what age did you teach your children?

Tookii table setting
Tookii setting the table

I think this is a great and fairly easy thing for kids to learn to do and as long as the kids can see (and reach) the top of the table they could probably start.

The other considerations are plates and knives. If meals are plated in the kitchen and an adult serves them to the table or good plates are not used – that solves the possibility of plates being broken. Plastic plates could even be used for a while. That still leaves knives.

Tookii sets table
All done !

I don’t remember when I started setting the table. Do you remember when you or your children did?

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11 thoughts on “Table Setting

  1. I learned as early as 5 years old,I think. In addition to the usual cutlery–spoon,fork,knife, I also learned to use chopsticks but at a much later age–can’t remember exactly when,considering that I was born into a Chinese family. Frankly, it takes a lot of practice to eat with chopsticks. One thing’s for sure. No one eats Chinese food with a knife because all the ingredients have already been sliced,diced,chopped,etc. into pieces before cooking,esp. stir-fry.I believe that this also applies to Japanese, Korean and other Oriental cuisine. In some cultures, they eat food with their hands using only the cutlery as servers to pass around in scooping out the dish.

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    1. Yes someone said 5 years on my Facebook group too. Yes chopsticks, I eat certain things with chopsticks but I’m still learning. I don’t use them often enough so it takes me a couple of minutes to get used to it again. But I’ve got eating with my hands down lol

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      1. Chopsticks also come in trainers. You can get that in your local Chinatown or Asian grocery in your neighborhood.A trainer is something like 2 chopsticks “screwed” together. All you have to do is hold and then move the bottom chopstick up as you get the food. The best foods to eat with just your hands are bananas, fried chicken,crab,lobster,shrimp,bread,cake,cookie,etc. I totally agree that it’s more fun to eat with the hands at times. Just make sure that your hands get washed first before doing so. In other countries, they give each guest a bowl of water with lemon/lime slices to wash hands before they serve the food.

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  2. My children began at 3 with plastic cups, plates and regular silverware. I put the glass dishes away except for my few drinking glasses for a few years. They have been doing it since then. They are now older and rotate regular chores each day – emptying dishwasher, dinner clean up, cat litter and one chore my choice. They each have 2 to do each day in addition to stuff that just comes up.

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  3. My oldest, fifteen now, started to help set the table when she was barely tall enough to see over the table. These days the oldest just puts the plates and cutlery out on the table, and my youngest, six, does the actual place settings.

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