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Mum’s Make Up

Things to do with girls … There comes a time in every girl’s life when she dreams of the day that she will be all grown up. And she will know this day because it will be the day that she buys and applies her very own make up.

Tookii using mums make up
Tookii putting on make up

I’m not talking about make up kits for children, as mentioned in my blog My 1st Kids Make Up Kit, although you feel grown up at the time. No! I mean REAL make up.

But somewhere in between the kids make up set and your own REAL make up there is an awkward few years of trying to use Mum’s make up and trying not to get into trouble.

Tookii make up
Tookii using Mum’s make up kit

What a magical bag Mum’s make up kit is. I am very lucky because Mum let’s me use her make up sometimes and practice putting make up on by myself. I’m not too bad at it now 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Mum’s Make Up

  1. You look good even without makeup but I got to say this….makeup should be applied so as to enhance one’s best facial features and to camouflage/ minimize other less perfect features. It doesn’t mean though that the makeup has to be laid on quite thick. It will only emphasize that the makeup is there. The best makeup appearance gives an illusion that there’s no makeup at all. Clean,fresh appeal!
    But of course, like in an art class,the makeup is just the coloring. The canvas is one’s complexion which should really be clean,clear and blemish-free to make as a good base.Good skin care is a must!
    You’re applying makeup now as a pro—good for you! Perhaps you would moonlight as a makeup artist/cosmetologist someday? Just a thought.

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    1. Thanks Josie xx and yes anything unnatural looks a bit silly on me, unless it’s dress ups for a costume. Mumma’s a beauty therapist so you never know – I just might get into makeup artistry ???

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  2. You are beautiful without or with makeup. Always remember that. But, I agree, it is always fun when our Moms let us play with theirs. When my nieces were little I used to put some of my make up on them. Made them feel so special. 🙂

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