Tookii things to do with kids playing pokemon go one of the outdoor activities for kids

Having a Go at Pokemon Go

So Pokemon Go is all the rage and here I am playing Pokemon Go.

There are a lot of people absolutely in love with the game. There are a lot of people who absolutely hate the game and there has been a lot of news about it being dangerous, some true but most false.

Tookii playing on her phone
Tookii playing Pokemon Go

It’s a bit of fun but I don’t see why some people need to have it control their life. Mum and I got right into it, to see what all of the fuss was about and we loved it. But after about 2 weeks we were over it and haven’t bothered with it since.

Bit of a fad really aaaand on with life …

What are you thoughts? Have you played?

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14 thoughts on “Having a Go at Pokemon Go

  1. Never did and never will–lol. I’m not very techy to begin with. However. I have worked with some mild autistics who love Pokemon Go. It helps them become a little more comfortable being around folks especially if those folks also are playing Pokemon Go. It’s helping them develop more social skills and being able to participate in a group activity but actually not being in a group.

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      1. Sure is. Remember ,Tookii that your blog not only reaches out to kids but also to kids who have special needs,disabilities and other things which limit their capacity for individual growth. Parents who have these kids are special parents themselves and often look out for any means of information which could help them raise such special kids. Take it as a teaching tool.

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  2. We, the whole family, love the game – me, husband, 4 year old toddler, 20 year old son, his girlfriend, his friends. Then again you can say we’re gamers. And this one gets us out and we get to talk to people we don’t know. Pokemon Go players are quite sociable and friendly. And we even go out of our suburb for the variety of Pokemons not available in our area. It’s fun. 🙂

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      1. Luckily it’s something you can pick up and play whenever the opportunity or desire presents itself and it’s for fun so not quite yet working on becoming a Pokemon Master 😊

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