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Monumental Mosaic

I blog about things to do with kids and I re-feature a few things like big things, ruins and also monuments and lookout – well this is both of the last two combined, as well as some pretty impressive art and interesting history.

I came across this memorial lighthouse and thought I would share it with you.

mosaic lighthouse
Memorial Lighthouse

This is a very decorative piece of art but it also has a special purpose. This lighthouse is a memorial for people who have been lost at sea in the area.

Tookii at memorial
Tookii loving the mosaic

This lighthouse can be found at a place called Pinky Point, next to the Thevenard wharf in South Australia. It is sad to see so many names on this list of people who have lost their lives at sea but what a beautiful memorial to them.

This is the biggest mozaic that I have ever seen so far and so it goes on my list of BIGs.

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7 thoughts on “Monumental Mosaic

  1. Next door to my home province is the province of Nova Scotia. It has a town called PEGGY’S COVE, known for more than 160 lighthouses. The most famous one is by the water–the PEGGY’S COVE lighthouse named after the sole survivor of a sunken schooner in 1800. Her name was Margaret—nicknamed Peggy.

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      1. Yes, 160 indeed but it most likely could be various sizes-S,M,L over Nova Scotia, you know. What you’re seeing is the most famous lighthouse-at–Peggy’s Cove.Remember, I live in that part of Canada–the Maritimes so sailing,boating, lobster,lighthouses just to name a few, are part of the landscape.

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